New Single – Where There Is Love

The Equalites

New Single – Where There Is Love

This song is a soulful plea for humanity to put away the negative vibrations (war, inequality, destruction) and go ‘Where There Is Love.’ Creating music to transcend all boundries, the band is inspired and influenced by the music and message of Bob Marley, Sizzla, and other reggae artists, as well as The Beatles, The Band, and others. The Equalites(based in Western MA) have been performing original music throughout the northeast US since 1987. “Where There Is Love’ is the first recording contribution of Adam Zucker (bass player, vocalist, songwriter); who joined the band in 2009. The song is an expression of spirit and longing for the world to live in love, “that’s where I want to be.”  Preview the track here.

The Equalites: Where There Is Love


“Where There Is Love” was recorded at SoundDesign Recording Studio in Putney, VT with Billy Shaw at the controls, with production assistance from Bobby Falco-Killoran. The players on the track are :

  • Adam Zucker – Lead Vocal, Bass, Bassline Guitar
  • David Boatwright – Background Vocal, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
  • Boo Pearson – Percussion
  • Edward Redonnett – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar
  • Philippe Simone – Drums
  • Jason Metcalf – Keyboard, Piano, Clavinet